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We all know that ‘fish out of water’ feeling – and it is the norm when preparing for adulthood. Modern Manners and Life Skills for teens will equip you to shine with confidence and class as you stand out from the crowd – in a good way.

From job interviews to personal safety; from fine dining protocol to formal introductions… we’ve got you covered!

  • 12-18 year old girls (stay tuned for mixed or young gents workshops).
  • Young ladies who are interested in meeting life’s challenges with confidence and class as they discover the secrets to presenting their ‘best’ self.
  • If you are a more reserved person who wants to work on your self-confidence; or if you are an extrovert who is already the life of the party; or if you just want to learn about and practice “adulting” in a fun and safe environment… this workshop is for you!

what we do

Enjoy a 3-day luxury pampering with full gourmet catering, including a three-course lunch lesson and a stylish High Tea lesson.

Personalised Finesse Workbook to complete and refer back to for years to come and a personalised Graduation Certificate.

We provide expert tuition in all topic areas including personal safety training and personal styling; delivered by the Finesse Director and other qualified professional guest presenters.

Social Savvy

This crash-course in social secrets will have you working the room like a ‘boss’ in no time.

  • Confident Communication
  • Ideal Introductions
  • Technology Taming
  • Respectful Relationships

Deluxe Deportment

Learn the magic of how to appear relaxed and confident, you stand out from the crowd in a good way.

  • Presence and Poise
  • Dressed for Success
  • Graceful Grooming
  • Distinguished Dining

Personal Power

Un-leash your true inner awesomeness to be your own leader, that is the Finesse path to personal empowerment

  • Holistic Health
  • Defending yourself in Danger
  • Inspiring Integrity
  • Managing Mistakes

Workplace Readiness

Learn the ‘Soft Skills’ to maximise a young women’s natural leadership qualities ready for the workforce.

  • Career Choices
  • Learning to Lead
  • Disputes & Diplomacy
  • Budgets for Beginners

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In a world where young women receive so many unhelpful or mixed messages about their value in this world, Finesse is here to show them that (a) their voices do matter (b) they are only confined to the ‘roles’ they accept for themselves, and (c) refinement, resilience and respect can take them beyond their expectations.


We empower, encourage and enrich the lives of young women from all walks of life in our warm and friendly workshops where they can be themselves, practice important social skills and build resilience. They will discover how to conduct themselves correctly in formal and casual social settings and how to prepare for the workforce while shining with confidence.

Did you know that your future success in social and workplace situations will not necessarily depend on your knowledge, expertise, or talent? Despite living in this digital age, the most important things are your confidence, personality and social skills. That’s right! This is why we are so passionate about shining a light on those areas which are not often explicitly taught… we like to call it the ‘Finesse Factor’.

tricia allan


Our workshops are facilitated by Director Tricia Allan, who has a Bachelor of Psychology majoring in Social Justice and Education. Tricia is currently a supervisor and Hiring Manager at a busy government department, and has a professional background in Law Enforcement, with two decades of experience volunteering in various Youth Work positions, and certification in Finishing and Deportment through the Susan Johnston Training Organisation of Melbourne, Australia.

Guest presenters vary depending on the time and location of each workshop; however we ensure that participants receive passionate and age appropriate training by professionals such as careers advisors, health care providers, beauty therapists and personal safety experts where relevant.


Workshops explore the basics of issues such as interview skills, social protocol and interpersonal skills, modern manners, fine dining, personal style and grooming, assertiveness, self-esteem and even self-defence to name but a few. All participants receive practical training and a personalised workbook for future reference.


Lifetime Finesse Membership: Subject to availability, graduates can return to re-visit the workshop in full or in part as often as they like up to and including 18 years of age – for free! Graduate Assistants: Graduates seeking to engage with volunteer work can apply to return at any time as a Graduate Assistant to help out during a workshop or assist with preparing for a workshop. This is a limited opportunity to develop some valuable skills and receive a formal written reference for their own Curriculum Vitae (CV).