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Modern manners should be genuine and natural – it is not about showing off or exaggerated pomp and ceremony. Manners reflect your self-respect and your self-control… and when done with some Finesse, your manners and social skills should help those around you to feel comfortable, and will certainly help you to leave a good impression when it counts. Why not get started on the road to adulthood by joining the manners revolution?
No longer a ‘spring chicken’? Join one of our expert adult professional workshops to brush-up on these all-important skills in our friendly and relaxed environment.


We all know that ‘fish out of water’ feeling – and it is the norm when preparing for adulthood. Modern Manners and Life Skills for teens will equip you to shine with confidence and class as you stand out from the crowd – in a good way. From job interviews to personal safety; from fine dining protocol to formal introductions… we’ve got you covered!

  • For 12 – 18 year olds, be they outgoing or reserved by nature, who want to develop more confidence
  • Expert qualified training with comprehensive workbooks
  • 3 Day Workshop including gourmet catering

Finesse 1-day Professional workshops are a convenient and practical way to brush up on modern social and business etiquette. In our fun and friendly environment you will learn the secrets to shining brightly in the workplace and keeping cool under pressure. From interview and leadership skills to fine dining etiquette; and from professional image basics to social and business introductions – we leave no stone un-turned.

  • Can be held at your offices or neutral event location
  • Perfect for adults who wish to increase their general confidence and leadership abilities in the workplace
  • 1 day expert tuition and gourmet catering

We run a variety of events aimed at both schools and individuals. We inspire and empower each person to become the best version of themselves through practical social skills workshops.

  • We are available to deliver in-school presentations on any of our “Modern Manners and Leadership Skills” Teen Workshop topics
  • Fundraising for a special cause? Hosting an important Baby Shower or Kitchen Tea? Celebrating a memorable birthday or a catch up with girl-friends with our unique High Tea.

“We inspire and empower each person to become the best version of themselves through practical social skills workshops. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and shine brightly in social, workplace, and personal situations. From self-awareness, to self-improvement; from self-confidence to self-defence – we’ve got you covered.”

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Registration is free, and installments can be made at your leisure up to 1 week before your workshop starts. Click here to register for an upcoming Modern Manners & Professional Skills workshop, join a waitlist, or open a waitlist near you.