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We inspire and empower each person to become the best version of themselves through practical social skills workshops. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and shine brightly in social, workplace, and personal situations. From self-awareness, to self-improvement; from self-confidence to self-defence – we’ve got you covered.

In a world where women are constantly judged on their appearance or achievements, Finesse is here to show them that they can be proud of their authentic selves while confidently bringing about their own success – however they define it!

Our approach is exciting, relevant and easy – get the Finesse Factor and it will last a lifetime, because we focus on building real-world resilience. Registration is free, and anyone can open a Finesse waitlist in any town or city!

meet tricia allan

Finesse Director Tricia Allan

Tricia facilitates our easy and real-world workshops from a positive, strengths-based framework.

With a Bachelor of Psychology majoring in Social Justice and Education, she is currently a Supervisor, Career Mentor and Hiring Manager in the busy NSW Criminal Justice sector, and has a background in Law Enforcement. She has certification in Finishing and Deportment through the Susan Johnston Training Organisation of Melbourne, and currently volunteers in an advisory role at a local community centre where she is coordinating a resource to teach social and community living skills to marginalised people.

Tricia has a current WWCC and has volunteered in various Youth Work roles for two decades. Her biggest passion is lifting up those around her – particularly young women. As a busy mum of three young girls, Tricia’s typical day starts and ends with communicating “Modern Manners & Leadership Skills”.

About Finesse

Finesse delivers affordable and practical face-to-face workshops in “Modern Manners and Leadership Skills” for teens and professionals.

Have a ball as you learn all-important workplace readiness steps and social graces such as formal introductions, conversation skills, deportment and image development, and formal dining etiquette. Workshops are held at our fully catered luxury function centers, or you can invite us to present at your school or workplace.

Just for a little fun, we also offer deliciously practical High Tea Workshops for all ages – because who needs an excuse to indulge in a decadent High Tea? Why not learn about what to do and what not to do during this gorgeous tradition whilst chatting with friends! You can either attend a High Tea workshop at one of our fully catered function centers or invite us to present a Finesse High Tea Workshop at your own special celebration or fundraising event.

why finesse leadership academy


We are passionate about empowering young women to enter the adult world – including the workforce – armed with the social skills needed to succeed. Social skills are even more important than technical skills! Though debate about the gender pay gap abounds – as it should – research shows that women are not generally as confident as men when it comes to claiming their worth, negotiating their salaries, and seeking promotion or leadership roles… We want this to change – and the best place to start is with our youth!


In our practical and real workshops, you will be encouraged by our expert facilitators and your group as you move from self-consciousness to self-confidence in social settings. More than just feeling encouraged, you will notice incredible development in a short time thanks to our unique mix of expert guidance, humour and practical activity. From socially awkward to socially adept – you will shine brightly with Finesse and courage – because you deserve to!


We seek to enrich lives with loads of added fun and luxury. None of our lessons are taught in school; though you will be thankful at your Graduation Dinner or your next office party that you learned the art of formal dining with Finesse. You will radiate with class as you ‘own’ the often confusing tradition of mealtime protocols and chatter… because we all love to have fun, but nobody likes to feel clueless about how to behave at special events.

 “Manners reflect your self-respect and your self-control… and when done with some Finesse, your manners and social skills should help those around you to feel comfortable, and will certainly help you to leave a good impression when it counts.”

tricia allan


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